A complete overview on Prize bonds in Pakistan

Have you ever to try to face your luck by winning the money amount through prize bond? If not then, before you think about it, next it is important to learn about what prize bond is all about. So, let's just scroll down and make you give the complete overview on prize bond.

Introduction about Prize bond:

Prize Bond is defined as the medium of the gold investment. It is taken to be the bearer type in view to the security that is to be readily accessible right into putting forward of around Rs.200, as well as Rs.750, and also Rs.1,500, and Rs.7,400, plus Rs.14,000, plus Rs.25000 along finally the category of the Rs.45,000. You will be able to get the prize bond as in the form of the series. Each single of the series in the prize bond is around one little than 1,00,000 bonds. You will not be paid with any kind of the field return. The process of the prize bonds is carried out on top of the quarter basis. It is all undertaken through the common method of the draw and the numerical digits about each single of the draw series are the same. In simple, we can say that, if the 50 series is prize bond has the cost of Rs. 250 in range of circulation, then it means that each single draw of that series is based on 50 winners about 1st prize as well as around 150 winners in view with 2nd prize.

Scheme of the prize bond is taken away to be the lawful source as in view of the category of poor. This gives the middle class category of people through the medium of investment and earning some amount of money in just overnight.

List of Five saving Schemes in Prize bond:

Prize bond is put into the categories of five different saving schemes as mentioned below:

1: Defense Saving form of Schemes - DSS
2: Regular Income forms Certificates - RIC.
3: Behbood Saving form of Certificates - BSC
4: Savings form of Accounts - SA.
5: Special Saving form of Certificates - SSC

If you want to claim your successful amount over the winning prize, then you will be getting in contact with the field office with the claiming from. You can get the form as free of cost from the help centre desk. You need to submit the claiming from with the attached documents of the photo copy over the applicant. You will be adding the form with your bond numbers, date as well as the name, and date of the draw and date of the bond issue. As you will make the claim, your bonds will, first of all, be checked through the field offices from PSPC. If you have the prize money that is up to Rs 1250, then it can be claimed all through the commercial banks or even the category of the national savings centres too. There are no charges that will be applied over the claiming process. You can go beyond the claim at least after 3-4 days after the date of the prize bond draw. You can also claim the money of the damaged bond as well. You can claim as within the duration of the six years just as within the date of the related draw.

So this was the complete set of information related to the prize bond in Pakistan and how you can claim your winning amount. The process is simple and straight forward to do so. If you have been winning prize bond draw, and if you want to claim the amount, then without wasting any time visits the office centre right now. .