Prize Bond Draw # 27 & 76 For Rs.25,000 & Rs.7,500 Bond And announced On Thursday November, 01 2018,In Karachi & Rawalpindi city.

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A complete overview on Prize bonds in Pakistan
Have you ever to try to face your luck by winning the money amount through prize bond? If not then, before you think about it, next it is important to learn about what prize bond is all about. So, let's just scroll down and make you give the complete overview on prize bond.

Introduction about Prize bond:

List of Five saving Schemes in Prize bond:
Prize bond is put into the categories of five different saving schemes as mentioned below:

1: Defense Saving forms of Schemes - DSS
2: Regular Income form Certificates - RIC.
3: Behbood Saving form of Certificates - BSC
4: Savings form of Accounts - SA.
5: Special Saving form of Certificates - SSC Read More

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First 963916
Second 096651 678838 835627
Full Draw Result | Previous Result
First 545525
Second 501290 546973 779078
Full Draw Result | Previous Result
Open 3..6..9..1
Close 4..8..9..0
Center 2..7...8..3


Prize bond

Pakistan, s first prize bond website which will guide you to the best players of Pakistan, Which will be the most important way to get the winning prize bond Prize Bonds Draw Schedule 2018 will display a list showing the details of different Prize bond draw in chronological order in different cities.

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Prize bond in Pakistan

Pakistan, s first prize bond website which will guide you to the best players of Pakistan, Which will be the most important way to get the winning prize bond numbers and make a victory. Buy Pakistan's Certified Prize Bonds and Get Opportunities In addition, the best type of prize bond formula in our web site and prize bond guess papers & prize bond photo state paper with the help of you, you can prepare your own game.

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Student Welfare Prize bond Rs. 100

For the first time in Pakistan, the Prize bond is Rs 100, which is in the reach of all rich poor. This prize bond will easily get you from any national savings bank, post offices offices and all scheduled banks.

Student Welfare read More

Prize bond premium 40,000 worth bond

Essential features of Prize bond Premium 40,000 Worth Bond:

  • This category of the prize bond has set by the profit rate of around 1.5% bi-annual.
  • It is readily available in Rs 40,000/ Denomination.
  • It is all registered by the name of the investor.
  • It is the quarterly Prize bond Money Draws all along with the Bi-annual Profit Payment.
  • It is meant in favor of the Individuals, as well as Public and Private Sector Institutions.
  • There is no need for any the application form as for the sake of claiming prize bond money as profit.
  • For 40,000 prize bond the highest prize of Rs 80, 000, 000/
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    Prize bond PREMIUM 200

    1:Benefit Rate is 1.5% half-yearly. 2:Accessible in Rs 40,000/ - Denomination. 3:Enrolled for the sake of financial specialist. -

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