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A complete overview on Prize bonds in Pakistan
Have you ever to try to face your luck by winning the money amount through prize bond? If not then, before you think about it, next it is important to learn about what prize bond is all about. So, let's just scroll down and make you give the complete overview on prize bond.

Introduction about Prize bond:

List of Five saving Schemes in Prize bond:
Prize bond is put into the categories of five different saving schemes as mentioned below:

1: Defense Saving forms of Schemes - DSS
2: Regular Income form Certificates - RIC.
3: Behbood Saving form of Certificates - BSC
4: Savings form of Accounts - SA.
5: Special Saving form of Certificates - SSC Read More

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Govt Savings Prize bond

  • All you need to know About Pakistan Prize bond.
  • When you hear a world prize bond, you may start relating it to your luck. A prize bond can make you an overnight millionaire. There are hundreds of people who just get the instant and huge cash from these prize bonds. Pakistan prize bond has been the central focus for the investors and some entrepreneurs to challenge their luck. In this article, we have dived deep in providing every concerning detail about the Pakistan prize bond, their functioning, type, and the history. If you want to know, you are advised to stay adhered and get to know all the interesting detail about prize bonds in Pakistan.

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    Prize bond 25000 Rupees

    We all know that millionaires are present all over the world and many of them have not become rich as because of the ancestors. But many of them have try with their luck from the involvement of the lucky draws as well. They have bring a change in their whole lifestyle all through by checking their luck as putting into the investment savings over some of the legal things. Hence the term Prize Bond in Pakistan is all stated out to be the legal and much the authentic way of Government upholding the scheme. It is giving out the chance to the people in terms of taking part into the certain form of the terms and hence also checking on with the luck to bring out with some change.

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    Prize bond 100 rupees welfare student bond

    Signing into this web page will be giving you the complete range of information that related with prize bond 100 rupees welfare student bond. Well, the importance of this particular prize bond cannot be denied at all, and this is for the main reason that there are so many different types of the prize bond specifics that have introduced to the people. You can take the prize bond as the medium of investment tools through which you can earn with some handsome amount of money.

    Introduction About Welfare student Bond:
    Now let’s make you learn about the welfare student bond! You will be able to get this prize bond from the national savings center all along with the post offices or even the locations of the scheduled banks too. Read More

    Prize bond premium 40,000 worth bond

    Essential features of Prize bond Premium 40,000 Worth Bond:

  • This category of the prize bond has set by the profit rate of around 1.5% bi-annual.
  • It is readily available in Rs 40,000/ Denomination.
  • It is all registered by the name of the investor.
  • It is the quarterly Prize bond Money Draws all along with the Bi-annual Profit Payment.
  • It is meant in favor of the Individuals, as well as Public and Private Sector Institutions.
  • There is no need for any the application form as for the sake of claiming prize bond money as profit.
  • For 40,000 prize bond the highest prize of Rs 80, 000, 000/
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